Book a Suite with us to Enjoy a Luxurious and an
Extended Stay Away From Home

Whether you’re traveling to Kansas City for business or on a getaway holiday trip, book a suite with us to enjoy a luxurious stay away from home. Our suites are designed to deliver maximum comfort and built to envy.

Each suite is beautifully decorated with high-end décor featuring premium and soft beddings with comfy pillowcases so that you sleep tight and wake up well-rested and refreshed. And the ambience of every suite is enhanced with soft lightning that exuberate warmth and feel incredibly welcoming.

At La Quina Inn & Suites Kansas City Airport, our goal is to make guests feel at home, and we believe that we have been successful in achieving it as we are the first preference of travelers for a hotel with suites in Kansas City.


Redefining Luxury and Comfort at Three Different Levels

Booking a suite is a luxury, but with us, it is a luxury within everybody’s reach. That’s right; with us, you can book a luxurious suite starting at $114 USD per night.

At La Quina Inn & Suites Kansas City Airport, we offer three different types of suites—redefining luxury and comfort at 3 different levels. Take a look at our suites and what makes them incredibly wonderful for extended stays in Kansas City:


Two Queen w/Microwave & Fridge
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3 Queen Bed Suite w/ Micro/Fridge



Treat yourself to luxury, and comfort by booking this 3 Queen Bed Suite with Microwave and Fridge. This suite has everything that you require to stay refreshed, productive and energized on the road. Simply stated, this suite is brilliantly equipped to offer convenience and comfort. It is spacious and luxurious at the same time. What more can you ask for?

It is loaded with basic amenities like an iron and iron board, alarm clock, coffee maker, hairdryer, microwave and a mini fridge so that you can make yourself at home. Additional amenities that make this suite best for people who love to stay connected with friends, family and colleagues back home include free Wi-Fi and local call service. You can chat with your loved ones back home whenever you like using these services available in your suite.





King w/Microwave & Fridge

Equipped with a king size bed, this room is perfect for two. This room is a spacious and luxurious retreat, an ideal option for those who like to enjoy extra bed space. The king size bed provides ample of space to guests to relax, snuggle in and enjoy a cozy sleep. Even if you have a habit of rolling around on the bed at night, you don’t have to worry about falls. This bed is that spacious!

The room is loaded with all the basic and luxury amenities to ensure that you enjoy a relaxing stay in this room. It features a mini fridge which you can use to keep your beverages cold and enjoy them whenever you like. The room is also equipped with a microwave oven that is perfect if have a habit of eating midnight meals. You can reheat food in the microwave and enjoy your meal without leaving the room.

Other utilities worth mentioning are free internet access, a coffee maker, hairdryer, iron and iron board, alarm clock, work desk, free local calls service and a complimentary Brightside Breakfast, served every morning! And you get all this for a price that will have you smiling and jumping with joy. That’s right; you can book this room for only $89.

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King w/Dining Table

Visiting Kansas City on a long holiday trip with children? Looking for a hotel near Kansas City Airport that can provide you with a room that is large enough to accommodate a family of four, luxurious enough to ensure a memorable stay and economical enough that you can enjoy a long stay within your budget? If yes, then consider booking this room at La Quina Inn & Suites Kansas City Airport.

Our King with Dining Table room is available for only $99 per night. And what truly makes it a brilliant option for families in such a low price you get access to all the basic facilities, and luxurious amenities in your room. You don’t have to leave your room every now and then to get coffee, or to make calls or sit in the lobby to use Wi-Fi. The room has everything you expect, can wish for and desire; and there are also additional amenities that you might not have imagined in a budget room but would love to have them such as a microwave oven, mini fridge, work desk, hairdryer, and an alarm clock.

The room also features an iron with ironing board, so you can iron your clothes in the room with ease. Also, the room has a dining area with a table and chairs where you can enjoy meals with your children, and make beautiful memories.

To make your stay an even more joyful experience, the room is furnished with a large king size bed which provides ample of space for your entire family to sleep tightly and wake up fresh. And to make every morning of your hotel stay with us extra special, we serve you and your loved ones with a complimentary breakfast with all the delectable delights like waffles, muffins, coffee and cereals. So, what are you waiting for? Book your room today!

Two Queen w/Dining Table

In today’s hectic work life, couples often find hard to bond with each other because work is often on top of their minds and they are struggling endlessly to make their ends meet. If you agree and are looking to reignite that spark and re-bond with your better half, then come down to Kansas City!

Book this luxurious retreat for only $99 and enjoy an unforgettable hotel stay with us. Treat yourself to luxury and bond with your spouse—leave back home all the worries and stress, and just simply enjoy life! This room offers all the best things in life to couples and that too, on a budget.

You don’t have to pay extra for additional amenities to enjoy a great stay! It’s all accessible in less than 100 dollars.

The room brilliantly combines comfort with convenience. It features a contemporary décor and queen size bed that is beautifully decorated with premium beddings and soft pillow tops so that you and your partner can enjoy a cozy sleep and relax comfortably.

Enjoy maximum time with each other without leaving the room as we give you access to practically all the amenities inside your room such as a microwave, desk, mini refrigerator, hairdryer, alarm clock, iron w/iron board, coffee maker and access to free local calls and Wi-Fi. Use our free internet access to watch your favorite all-time movie and relive the good old times.

The room also features a special dining area with a table and chairs. You can use this area, to enjoy lunch and dinner in complete privacy.

Whether it’s your wedding anniversary or your partner’s birthday, make it special for them and wow them by booking this luxurious retreat.

Two Queen w/Dining Table
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ADA Accessible King with Microwave and Fridge
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ADA Accessible King with Microwave and Fridge

We are an ADA compliant hotel near Kansas City Airport that welcomes everyone to enjoy a luxurious and an unforgettable holiday stay. At La Quina Inn & Suites, we are committed and dedicated to ensuring that we not only meet but also exceed the requirements for ADA.

For our special guests, we offer this ADA accessible king bedroom that is predominantly designed and created in conformance with “the Americans with Disabilities Act”. The room accommodates guests with disabilities and special needs, and ensures that they enjoy a safe, happy and a luxurious stay at our hotel.

Our ADA accessible guestroom offer guests with disabilities the same level of comfort that they enjoy at home. To ensure that you enjoy a comfortable hotel stay, this ADA accessible room is equipped with a king size bed, providing you extra space to relax.

The bathroom is thoughtfully designed keeping ADA guidelines in consideration. It features lever door handles, grab bars and roll-in showers, making it convenient for disabled guests to use the restroom and bathe without any difficulty.

The room also features a lower peep hole and a low pile carpet, ensuring that the space provides maximum level of comfort, safety and support to our guests with disabilities. Also, the room is equipped with basic and luxurious facilities like a coffee maker, mini refrigerator, work desk, hairdryer, alarm clock and iron with ironing board.

Guests in our ADA accessible room can also enjoy access to high-speed internet and make local calls—all absolutely free! Since everything is accessible inside the room, it spares you or your special travel companion from leaving the room and going to the lobby to use the internet or make phone calls. We also offer a complimentary Brightside Breakfast every day to all our guests. We make sure that you rise and shine to a healthy breakfast, just the way you enjoy at your home.

Your Comfort and Care is Our Motto

We, at La Quina Inn & Suites Kansas City Airport, strive to offer our guests unmatched convenience so that they can take back home great memories and plan their holiday trips to Kansas City with ease knowing that there is a hotel near Kansas City Airport where they can enjoy exceptional care and comfort.

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